Imagine. Create. LIVE!

Our event design team will create the look and feel you imagine. From the initial phone call we will start the building process of turning your thoughts into a reality. Some may say that sounds like magic, but it’s not. It’s passion! However, what we create truly is magical. Every event, each and every time, has the potential to be as unique as you’d like.

Rethink Possible.

No idea is too wild. Transform a dull ballroom into a miami style club. Create a spectacle of elegance for your wedding venue. Turn your clubhouse into a Vegas style casino. Even have an Ice Skating Show for your guests to experience.

Personalized Productions.

We stay current with the latest technologies and without reinventing the wheel we innovate what is known as now. Brilliant visuals, spandex creations, staging, custom lighting, special effects, atmospheric talent, video screens and an array of other options that enables our design team to really personalize your event.